Echo’s through the ages

Enter the world of Cicero in republican Rome, this fascinating novel by master of historical fiction and billed as his most accomplished work to date, Robert Harris, former BBC journalist and presenter deftly weaves his story with well documented fact through the eyes of Tiro his confidential secretary. Cicero, traditionally considered the master of Latin prose and ‘not the name of a man, but of eloquence itself’ will have you captivated.

This novel will have you delving back into the history books, eager to discover more about this enigmatic man. His flaws, his vanities, triumphs and vulnerabilities. His contributions have been widely cited and his influence remains rippling through time.

Cicero, lawyer, advocate, orator, political strategist, philosopher, writer and more. An extraordinary man in any era, Julius Caesar praised Cicero’s achievements stating ‘it is more important to have greatly extended the frontiers of the Roman spirit than the frontiers of the Roman empire’.  

Credited as ‘his unique and imperishable glory’ he created the language of the civilized world, and used that language to create a style which nineteen centuries have not replaced. His writings have influenced many included the founding fathers of the US, the revolutionaries of the French Revolution. John Adams said of him ‘As all the ages of the world have not produced a greater statesman and philosopher united than Cicero’.  Jefferson names Cicero as one of a handful of major figures who contributed to a tradition ‘of public right’ that informed his draft of the Declaration of Independence. Marcus Tullius Cicero expressed principles that became the bedrock of liberty in the modern world.

Following the development of the printing press Circero’s ‘De Officiis’ was the second book ever to be printed after the bible. Quench your thirst for more information on this remarkable man.