European Specialists

Typical Street Market, Portugal

Typical Street Market, Portugal


You are in good hands! Whilst we now happily call Australia home we were both born and bred in Europe. Having lived in several of our destinations we are familiar with the culture and heritage that makes each tour so unique.  We research each tour, inspect the hotels, check the finer details and make sure all is as it should be.  Our European tour directors and local guides are very much part of the Tiki family and will make your trip a memorable one.  Our passion is to share the best of Europe with you.

Our journey started 25 years ago when we met in a fruit and vegetable market in Portugal. 

Based in a coastal village, in the early days we ran guided mini bus tours to historic and cultural places of interest in the region, in addition we rented fully serviced apartments to the Dutch and English market. 

In the early nineties, we moved down under and spent 3 1/2 years in NZ where we formed the company TIKI TOURS. Moving across the Tasman, we kept the name as it had a special ring to it and many of you will know the expression ‘Going on a Tiki tour’. 

With the lure of Europe still strong, we started working on our first  tour of Portugal in 1998, including the World Expo in Lisbon - and this brought everything full circle.  As they say, the rest is history, ever since we have been adding new tours to our program appreciated by the many returning clients. 

We believe that the safety and comfort of travelling in a small like-minded group means peace of mind and the knowledge that all tour participants meet up with us in Bangkok is a great starting point for all. 

 Knowing our destinations in-depth, we believe to be one of the core strengths in our tour business, that we really are European Specialists ! 

Come and join us on a TIKI Tour! 


Danielle & Peter Venn, Directors