Jerez De La Frontera - Home to sherry, flamenco and dancing stallions

Jerez de la Frontera, generally referred to as Jerez, known as the world capital of sherry, is also highly regarded as the home of flamenco and its dancing horses.

One of the noblest towns of Cadiz, Andalusia, Jerez is located 12km from the Atlantic and midway to the mountains of Cadiz, bringing together the splendour of aristocratic palaces and flavours of typical Andalusian houses.

The medieval centre, declared a historic artistic site offers a wealth of culture enriched with the aromas of regional cuisine and sherry, from which its name is derived. Frontera refers way back in time to the Spanish frontier, located on the border between the Moorish and Christian regions of Spain during the 13th century, a regular host to skirmishes and clashes between the two regions. Two centuries later, firmly crushed by the Kingdom of Castile it retained the name but no longer the border. Today it is home to a population of 213000. 

The rich plains surrounding Jerez have been a centre of viniculture since winemaking was introduced by the Phoenicians in 1100 BC, continued by the Romans then followed by the Moors who introduced distillation which led to the development of fortified wine and brandy. Sherry later became very popular with the British and a major export. 

On tour you will visit 'Tio Pepe' (Gonzalez Byass), arguably one of Spains finest bodegas, dating back to 1835. Tour the winery and sample a tipple or two of locally produced outstanding sherry. 

Jerez is the city where flamenco singing began, the locals are justifiably proud of the quintessentially seductive Spanish style and traditions. Where better to experience it than in Jerez itself. Flamenco has seen a wave of popularity across the world and is now taught and enjoyed by a growing number of followers. Why not try a class near you? 

On tour we visit Jerez on Day 9 en route to Carmona, including a visit to the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art, tour the stables and enjoy a show of the famous dancing horses. 

The 22 day 'Spain and Portugal in Castles & Palaces' tour departs 14 October 2017 and is filling up fast.