Who travels with TIKI TOURS?


This is a good question deserving of a solid answer. Going into our 21th year, we cater for the mature, discerning traveller. TIKI TOURS attracts clients nationwide, well educated and well travelled, looking for a different travel experience. Most of you are retired or semi-retired and many of you have only recently stopped travelling independently.

But we all know that life changes, you are now looking for someone who can take the hassle out of forward planning, a European specialist with an eye for detail and service. You are looking for the ease and security of an organised tour without loosing a certain degree of freedom and flexibility, basically, you want it all ! 

The element of travelling with a group of like-minded Australian tour participants, sharing similar interests, within a small group environment, is important to you. Many of you form strong friendships during the tour and decide to stay in touch once home.

Whilst each tour varies, in general your touring companions will be made up of a mix of couples, friends travelling together and single travellers. Very pleased to say, a large percentage of you opt to travel with us again and again and often, with new friendships made, even book another TIKI Tour together. 

By far the majority of the travellers we get on board have a strong interest in the culture and history of our European destinations.

The element of local knowledge and mixing with the locals is important and we ensure that we meet your needs in working with licensed city guides throughout Europe. 

You all appreciate the company of a solid tour director, someone with a good personality, humour and expertise, someone who is there for you throughout your trip. Our tour directors, Luigi and Manuela, have been with us pretty much from the start, they know what makes you tick. 

In addition, you have a passion for the arts visiting galleries and exhibitions both in Australia as well as overseas. Many of you have lived or studied abroad and have taken up a second or third language over the years, always a plus when on tour ! 

You value comfort and style and travelling in a relaxed fashion, you enjoy multiple night stays in boutique accommodation off the beaten track. 

And the common denominator? Something you all have in common is a strong passion for Europe’s food and wine culture.