Interview with Peter and Mary-Anne - SICILY & SOUTHERN ITALY 2018

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Peter and Mary-Anne, you first travelled with TIKI TOURS to France in 2007 and have participated on various trips with TIKI TOURS over the last 10 years. In your opinion, has the touring concept changed in all these years ? 

We loved the France tour in 2007 and loved every tour since then.  You manage to keep your standard of service consistently high.

What sets TIKI TOURS apart from other tour companies? In other words, what is the point of difference? What is the main reason you travel with TIKI again and again? 

Your attention to detail, 3 and 4-night stays, and personal involvement during the booking process and the travel itself, and every evening on tour treated to a stylish dinner.

Do the tours offer value for money considering all that is included? 

Yes, they do, in every aspect.

If you had to describe Sicily in 3 words, which words would you choose?

Breathtaking – Historical – Special. 

What was the highlight of your recent May 2018 ‘Unspoiled Sicily & Southern Italy' trip? 

Many highlights!!  Alberobello, Erice’s location and history,  Monreale’s cathedral,  all amazing.

Did you have enough 'local experiences' i.e. interaction with the locals on this recent Italy trip? 

Yes, and our few hours including a generous lunch with Luigi’s friend Nino and his family gave us insight into the Sicilian way of life, hearing the Mafia story at Corleone and touring the Baroque castle in Catania with the baron.  We found all of the local guides engaging and well-trained.  

Covering the tours you have experienced to date, do you believe there is enough free time between touring in the day and dining at night to explore individually? 

There’s always been ample free time to go locally exploring, writing up our journal, or to take the occasional rest-break before changing for dinner.

What do you think of the group size on the tours you have experienced over the years? 

The small group size allows guests to move about the coach and interact with new-found friends, enables delays at sight-seeing spots to be minimized and hastens check-in timing at the hotels.

How would you describe the type and calibre of accommodation packaged on the tours you have experienced over the years? 

Accommodation has been superb on each tour and generally reflects the character or culture of the areas visited.

Did you find like-minded company on the tours you have participated on over the years? 

We have never been disappointed with the friendliness of other guests and indeed have maintained contact with many of those we met on previous trips.

Covering all tours you have experienced, how would you rate the level of fitness needed to participate on the day to day excursions? 

Level of fitness required has not been excessive and we’ve noticed that our tour leaders have been accommodating to any guests having unexpected mobility issues.

In your opinion, what are the most important ingredients for a successful fully escorted small group tour? 

The itineraries are well-researched with attention to detail and with excellent knowledgeable guides.  TIKI TOURS benefits by keeping the same staff for all tours.  We have always felt safe and comfortable with the experienced and congenial drivers. 

In addition to a full-time European Tour Director, TIKI TOURS utilise the services of many local guides on each tour. How important are the tour director and local guides for the overall success of a tour?

Extremely important with extensive knowledge, a happy personality and good organizing skills.

Where would you like to go next in Europe? 
Scandinavia, Scotland and Eastern Europe, hopefully with TIKI TOURS.  You are our first choice always, wherever possible.

Covering destination Europe, there are many small group tours on offer and each have their own concept and inclusions. To assist future travellers, who would you recommend TIKI TOURS Europe departures to in particular? 

Comparing with the few other tour companies we have used we have only recommended TIKI TOURS to those travellers who would appreciate the outstanding quality and value. 


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